GANG Knot Library

This is a library of Energy Minimizing Knots and Links. Select a knot-image or category below to see more members of this knot's "family". Currently, this catalog contains knots up to 8 crossings. For a more complete explanation of knot energies, please review Kusner and Sullivan's paper (in PostScript form).

CAUTION: Partially under construction! We are still building the "family pages". See the unadulterated knot list in the meantime, please.

2,q torus knots and links
Rational links with two-term continued fractions
Rational links with three-term continued fractions
Rational links with four-term continued fractions
Rational links with long continued fractions
Links with Conway notation a,b,c
Non-alternating links
The remaining arithmetic links, based on 1*
Nonarithmetic links, based on 6*, 8* or 9*

Feeling hungry for more knot images? Until we (1) get the full catalogue organized and (2) get rendered images for each knot, you might like to see the unadulterated knot list. The images are small PostScript files that can be viewed with a simple PostScript previewer (eg. GhostView).