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Undergraduate Research at GANG
Summer 2001


    1. Input desired x and y ranges for the mean curvature-half density, U, on the left hand side, and click on the Redraw XY Axis button on the bottom.

    2. Click and drag the mouse on the drawing panel to draw a continuous function U. The program will not allow you to draw a graph that is not a function, and you must draw from left to right. These first two steps are required only if you are using U from the graph.

    3. On the right hand side, input the desired x minimum and x maximum values of the graph. Since this is a surface of revolution, the y values range from 0 to 2 Pi. Be sure that the value zero is within the range of x-values, as it is necessary to input values of functions at x=0 later.

    4. Input the desired number of x and y lines. This changes the detail of the image and can make the program run faster or slower, depending on the detail selected.

    5. Input the values of h1 and h2 at x=0. This generates the constants that will be used in the calculation.

    6. Select whether you want to take U from the drawing panel, or input U as a constant.

    7. If you select U as a constant, input the desired U on the right side.

    8. Generate the surface by clicking the generate button, and a window will pop up.

    9. Since this program considers surfaces of revolution, click the F(x) button to view the curve that generates the surface by being revolved about the vertical axis.