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File: LAB/bubbletonlab/kernel/Bubbleton.H

  • typedef double Real;
  • typedef std::complex<Real> Complex;
  • typedef math::VectorX<Complex,3U> Vector3;
  • typedef math::MatrixX<Complex,3U> Matrix3;
  • Bubbleton( base::vector<Complex> const ¢er, base::vector<Complex> const &size );
    constructor center = vector of centers of the bubbletons size = vector of sizes of the bubbletons (size=number of lobes in one wrap; can be fractional)
  • virtual ~Bubbleton();
  • void compute( math::VectorX<Real,3U> &X, math::VectorX<Real,3U> &N, Complex const &z );
    compute a single point
  • void _compute(uint i, Complex const &z);
    compute one bubbletonlab
  • void _frame( Matrix3 &A, Complex const &theta0, Complex const &theta1, Complex const &beta);
    utility method to compute the frame
  • static Complex tanh(Complex const &z);
  • static Complex coth(Complex const &z);
  • static Complex acosh(Complex const &z);
  • static Complex atanh(Complex const &z);
  • uint _count;
  • struct Data;
  • base::vector<Data> _;
  • static Complex const I;
  • Bubbleton( Bubbleton const & );
    disabled copy constructor
  • Bubbleton &operator=( Bubbleton const & );
    disabled assignment operator
  • void _dump_initial( std::ostream &o, base::vector<Complex> const ¢er, base::vector<Complex> const &size );
  • void _dump( std::ostream &o, Complex const &z, math::VectorX<Real,3U> const &X );

bubbletonlab::kernel::Bubbleton GANG