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Derived from: surface::Construct , surfacegl::MaterialSet

Children: geom::surfacegl::SurfaceGL

File: GEOM/geom/surfacegl/Surface.H

List of surfaces.

  • Surface();
    void constructor
  • Surface( Surface const & );
    copy constructor
  • virtual ~Surface();
  • Surface &operator=( Surface const & );
    assignment operator
  • virtual void changed() const;
  • void write( ::io::Ostream &out, ::geom::FileMode filemode = ::geom::FILEMODE_UNSPECIFIED ) const throw (::io::WriteException);
  • void write( ::io::Ostream &out, ::geom::FileMode filemode, uint normals, uint colors, milieu::kernel::MilieuBase const &milieu ) const throw (::io::WriteException);
  • void dump( ::io::Ostream &o ) const;
  • virtual void draw() const;
  • virtual void draw( geom::Transform const &transform, geom::ProjectionMode mode ) const;
  • virtual void materials( surface::MaterialSetBase const &M );
    set the materials of *this to M
  • virtual void materials( uint id, surface::Material const & );
  • virtual Material const &materials(uint i) const;
  • void normal_nudge(float);
    Set the distance to move edge faces off the surface in the normal direction.
  • float const &normal_nudge() const;
  • virtual void enable_bounding_box( bool state ) const;
  • virtual void box( geom::Box &b ) const;
  • virtual uint vertex_count() const;
  • virtual uint edge_count() const;
  • virtual uint face_count() const;
  • virtual geom::Box const &box() const;
  • SurfDrawer _surf_drawer;

geom::surfacegl::Surface GANG