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Children: imagegl::PostScript

File: GEOM/imagegl/PostscriptBase.H

  • PostscriptBase() throw();
    void constructor
  • virtual ~PostscriptBase() throw();
  • virtual void begin() throw ( ::io::WriteException );
    wrap your OpenGL drawing routines in begin() and end() puts OpenGL into feedback mode, calls begin_
  • virtual int end() throw ( ::io::WriteException );
    parse the OpenGL feedback buffer, sort the geometric elements
  • typedef GLfloat Color[4];
    Color type
  • void set_fit_to_page(bool f) throw();
  • void set_greyscale(bool f) throw();
  • void set_draw_background(bool f) throw();
  • void set_colormap( Color const *colormap, uint colormapsize ) throw();
  • void set_autocrop(bool f) throw();
  • void set_reverse(bool f) throw();
    not implemented
  • typedef GLfloat Vertex4[3];
    not implemented
  • struct CVertex;
    CVertex holds position and color information
  • struct Element;
    Element struct holds point/line/polygon
  • static int ElementCompare( Element const *a, Element const *b ) throw();
    depth sort compare function
  • std::list<Element *> _element_list;
    std::list of polygons
  • int _gl_feedback_buffer_size;
    in feedback mode, OpenGL dumps its output into this buffer
  • GLfloat *_gl_feedback_buffer;
    Feedback buffer size
  • Color *_colormap;
    Feedback data color std::map used in color index mode
  • bool _fit_to_page;
  • bool _autocrop;
  • bool _greyscale;
  • bool _reverse;
  • bool _draw_background;
  • void parse_gl_feedback_buffer(uint token_count) throw();
    parse the OpenGL feedback buffer
  • void insert_element( base::vector<CVertex> const &, bool depth, bool shade ) throw();
    add an element to the std::list of elements an element is a point/line/polygon
  • int get_vertex(CVertex &, GLfloat *p) throw();
    get a vertex from the feedback buffer
  • void delete_all() throw();
    delete all bounding boxes and elements from the current context.
  • virtual void begin_() throw( ::io::WriteException ) = 0;
  • virtual void end_() throw( ::io::WriteException ) =0;
  • PostscriptBase( PostscriptBase const & ) throw();
    disabled copy constructor
  • PostscriptBase &operator=(PostscriptBase const &) throw();
    disabled assignment operator

imagegl::PostscriptBase GANG