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SurfLab Guide


CMCLab is an interactive software package for constructing, visualizing and investigating constant mean curvature (CMC) surfaces. The method implemented by CMCLab, due to Dorfmeister, Pedit and Wu, is based on the observation that the Gauss map of every CMC surface is harmonic and every harmonic map from a surface to S2 is the projection of a horizontal holomorphic map from its universal cover into a certain loop group. Among the surfaces you can visualize with CMCLab are Delaunay surfaces, tori, bubbletons, generalized Smyth Surfaces, cylinders with umbilics and k-noids.

CMCLab is developed and maintained by Nicholas Schmitt at the Center for Geometry, Numerics, Analysis and Graphics (GANG) at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, The CMCLab home page on the web is

Copyright (C) 2001 Nicholas Schmitt


Ian McIntosh, Martin Kilian and Franz Pedit provided the original implementation ideas and suggestions throughout the development of CMCLab.