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File Format

CMCLab, whether command line or interactive, use the same file format for specifying surfaces.

Sample cmc input file (Delaunay unduloid):

CMCLab 1.0

name Smyth Surface with 3 Legs
zstart 0
domain polar 0; 0; 2; 20; 0; 2pi; 100
potential {{0, 1/t}, {0.75 z/t, 0}}

The file extension .cmc is conventional.

A pound symbol (#) at the beginning of a line designates a comment, and the line is ignored by the cmc software. The file has four sections: the surface name, the surface specification, the domain, and the internal CMCLab parameters. The last two are set to defaults if omitted. The domain entry matches the domain window above` and follows one of the two formats

domain rectangular O; A; M; B; N
domain polar O; R1; R2; M; A1; A2; N