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The Main Menu

The hypercube, the four-dimensional analog of a cube
The "Main" menu has the following entries:
  • Read - read a geometry file
  • Write - write a geometry or image file
  • Close All - close all widget windows except the top-level menu
  • Messages - open a panel showing error messages
  • Help - open Netscape to a help page
  • About - open panel showing version and credits
  • Exit - quit the application

Main | Read

Main | Write

Choose "Main | Read" to read a geometry file into iSight. Choose "Main | Write" to write a geometry or image file into iSight.

The Read/Write Panel (Main | Read and Main | Write)

Use the "Library" button to choose a surface from a system-installed library of surface. Use the "Current" button to bring you back to the directory in which you started iSight.

iSight recognizes file formats from the filename.

Read formats:

  • "file.wrl" - VRML 2.0
  • "file.wrl.gz" - gzipped VRML 2.0
  • "" - geomview OFF format
  • "file.mesh" - geomview MESH format

Write formats:

  • "file.wrl" - VRML 2.0
  • "" - geomview OFF format
  • "file.mesh" - geomview MESH format
  • "" - PostScript (non-Mesa only)
  • "file.rgb" - SGI image file (uncompressed)
  • "file.jpg" - JPEG image file (75% compression quality)

iSight does not currently support the full geomview OOGL format.

Main | Close All

Close all the small widget windows, leaving open the tiny menu box and any geometry viewing windows.

Main | Messages

Open a panel showing error messages, such as when a file cannot be read or written. This window opens automatically if there is a message.

The "Tooltips" button enables/disables the help balloons.

Main | Help

Open Netscape to a help page. By default, this is configured to be the mu home page at GANG,

Main | About

Open a panel showing the software version number and credits.

Main | Exit

Exit the application.

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