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MrBubbleLab Guide

Getting Started

Step 1. Starting MrBubbleLab
Type "mrbubblelab" at a unix shell command prompt. A small menu window should pop up.

Main Menu
The MrBubbleLab main menu

Step 2. Loading a MrBubbleLab surface specification file
On the menu, choose "File | Open MrBubbleLab File". A file panel should pop up.
Click the "Library" button in the panel.

Open File
The Open File panel (File | Open MrBubbleLab File)

Double-click on "" in the right window of the panel.
The panel will close.

Step 3. Computing the surface
On the menu, choose "Controls | Compute Surface". The viewer window will appear with showing the the graph of the real part of the complex function 1/(z2-1) with poles at 1 and -1.

Viewer Window
The iSight viewer window

Drag the mouse in the viewer window to move the surface.

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