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Here is some further information from Pearson about using MyMathLab; if you have a logistical issue with MyMathLab that you and your fellow students cannot figure out on your own, please do not email your instructor or the course chair, but instead consult these:

First Day of Class Resources for Students

Top 10 FAQs/Tips for Back to School with MyMathLab

MyMathLab Overview Video for Students

MyMathLab Student User Guide

Student Registration PPT Deck for MyMathLab

The Top Ten FAQ content will help resolve most issues you may have as you get up and running with MyMathLab. Please go to this link first as you can often find the answer you need there. If you still need help, please go to Pearson Customer Support (a link is also in the FAQ document), provide some basic information (your Username, your Course ID, the issue you are having, etc.) and either Chat with or Call a customer service agent. This will ensure you get immediate help, and it will also create a Case Number which Pearson can use to follow-up on the situation.

Configuring your web browser security settings

Before getting started with MyMathLab, be sure you configure your web browser security settings to accept all cookies (your Luddite course chair learned this the hard way - later you can toggle that configuration if you're security conscious).

Material-copy of the Textbook

The course text is Linear Algebra and its Applications (5th edition) by David Lay, Steven Lay & Judi McDonald.

MyMathLab is required for this course. An electronic copy of the textbook is included in your purchase of MyMathLab.

Go to www.mymathlab.com and use the Course ID for your learning section (provided by your section's instructor).

If you decide to purchase a material-copy of the textbook, be sure to also get MyMathLab for the 5th edition of the textbook. There are options to purchase a hard-cover or loose-leaf version of the book together with MyMathLab (for example at amazon.com) at discounted rates negotiated with UMass. To get these rates you may use the following ISBN numbers: 1323158820 (hard-cover) or 1323158812 (loose-leaf).

On-line homework and quizzes will be assigned through MyMathLab by your instructor.

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