This is a torque-transmitting device which I invented while on a visit to Ned Thomas's materials lab at MIT in the Spring of 1995. Ned had shown me some sheets of an elastic polymer material reinforced in one direction with high tensile fibers. I showed them this novel application of their material. Unlike a rigid screw shaft, the utility of this device is that it transmits torque in only one direction; that is, it is rigid for one direction(say, clockwise) torque, but flaccid for the opposite (counter-clockwise) torque. The key idea is a diagonal lamination process creating helical fibers in the elastic polymer sheets when rolled to form the cylindrical shaft of the one way screw; of course the same idea works in other materials as well, and the process need not invlove rolling up of flat sheets. Since these fibers have high tensile strength, they will be rigid for a clockwise torque when the helices are left-handed (and vice versa). This invention is subject to a non-disclosure agreement with the folks at MIT. For more information, please contact me or Ned Thomas.