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Kusner's Math Photos

If you want friends in Amherst...

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Here are some photos from Rob's recent classes as well as of other interesting topics.

Math 235, Fall 2011

Linear algebra (kernel, image and subspaces) al fresco (thanks to Josh Kriger): 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 15,

Math 235, Spring 2010

Linear algebra begins anew: Will, Shuhui ... Anton, Magnum, Sara, Matt ... Felix, Bill, Evelyn (who switched), Sam ... Shawn, Larry, Aaron ...Shawn (again) and yours truly (with a few grains of NaCl)!

Math 563H, Spring 2010

Comrade Reiter, Mike, Bill, Neil, John Harper, Derek, Keith (with a genus-2 Willmore surface), Buruk (who'll be back in the future), Yumi (with knotted rope), Zhon (the astrophysicist), Nicky, Dechang, Rich, Sebastian, Hugh & Drew.

Math 235, Fall 2009

Here we are, at the beginning of the semester: Chris, ... Imen;... Paola, ... Jay;... Marco, ... Buruk;... Casey, ... Tim.

We were interrupted by a fire alarm (it was NOT a drill) early this semester, but carried on outside in the manner of Archimedes: FA1 , FA2 , FA3 , FA4 . Thanks to Aaron Ilovici for taking and sharing these photos!

Math 462, Spring 2009

Christina Barton shows why the connected sum of 3 real projective planes is homeomorphic to the sum of a torus and a real projective plane (with a little help from Spencer Ross and photographer Andrew Reiter). Yours truly hopes to live long and prosper with the help of a hypercube fashioned by Chris Ball (who's also the photographer). Note the 3-face surrounded by 6 more 3-faces; Rob and all the rest of the universe are in the eighth 3-face, which your imagination must fill in.

Math 235, Fall 2008

Here we are, at the beginning of the semester: Lindsey, Nate, ... Janet, Dave, ... Doug, Cory, ... Josh, Dave, ... Jill, Sam, Luke...; ... Andrew, ... Dave, Diane, John, ... Doug, Cory, Diego, ... Dave, Bach, ... Jill, Sam, Luke ...; ... Cary, Zhou, Phil, ... Josh, Albert, Brian, ... Jen, Justin, Fadi, Kirby, ... Yumi, Kawai, Luke, Will, ... Suman, Marya...; ... Maggie, Nick, Keaton, Lauren, Brian, He, Colin, Troy, ... Suman, Marya, Katt, Kirby, Eva, Shashank...; ... and ... Rob himself!

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