Document Library: Eydeland, A.

[1.5] Eydeland, A. & Spruck, J.
The inverse power method for semilinear elliptic equations

[1.12] Eydeland, A. & Turkington, B.
A numerical study of vortex rings with swirl

[1.20] Eydeland, A. & Van Groesen, E.
An extended self-organization principle for modeling and calculating the dissipation of 2D confined Eulerian vortices

[1.24] Eydeland, A. & Turkington, B.
An iterative method for computing steady vortex flow systems

[1.29] Eydeland, A., Spruck, J. & Turkington, B.
Multi-constrained variational problems of nonlinear eigenvalue type: new formulations and algorithms
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[2.6] Turkington, B., Eydeland, A., Lifschitz, A. & Spruck, J.
Multiconstrained variational problems in magnetohydrodynamics I: equilibrium
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[2.7] Lifschitz, A., Turkington, B., Spruck, J. & Eydeland, A.
Multiconstrained variational problems in magnetohydrodynamics II: slow evolution
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