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Summer Research Experience

The Summer REU gives undergraduate Mathematics majors the opportunity to explore their research interests and gain valuable skills for carreers in Graduate school, teaching or industry. The brightest math students are brought together with the best faculty to explore some of the most interesting and important aspects of mathematics. It is supported by the national science foundation in conjunction with the Mathematics Department of UMass Amherst.

2000 Nicholas Schmitt, Meghan Anderson and Adam Cardinal-Stakenas study the imbedding of curves in higher dimensional spaces. Professor Norman advises.

2001 Ning Zhang and Theodore Markowsky explore curves and surfaces with computer programs under Professor Norman.

2002 Richard Buckman explores the inequalities of spherical polygons with a number of java applets.

2004 Nine students explore work in six different areas of mathematics under eight faculty members. Areas of research range from differential equations to field theory, from the topological space of tetrahedrons to biomathematics and root systems. We invite you to explore the work of Robert Chase, Patrick Dragon, Marc Maier, Heather Harrington, Lesantha Naidoo, Daniel Epstein, Mike Higgins, Ross Murray and Jooyoung Kim.

If you would like to be part of this exciting opportunity in the comming Summer, you should talk to your favorite faculty member in the Math department. Funding may be found through the UMass Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the National Science Foundation (see REU) or the Commonwealth College.

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