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Derived from: isight::kernel::GeomListSet , context::ContextSetBase

Children: isight::kernel::Read

File: VIEWER/isight/kernel/ContextSet.H

  • ContextSet();
  • virtual ~ContextSet();
  • virtual base::String const &window_title();
    window title
  • virtual bool window_showing_( uint id );
    test whether the id'th context is showing
  • virtual context::ContextBase *context();
    access to the current context
  • virtual context::ContextBase const *context() const;
    access to the current context
  • virtual bool geomobject_showing_( uint id );
  • virtual bool geomobject_moving_( uint id );
  • virtual motion::Transform const &geomobject_position(uint id) const;
  • virtual void geomobject_position(uint id, motion::Transform const &t);
  • virtual context::ContextBase *context( uint n );
    virtual void enable_draw(bool state) { context()->enable_draw(state); } access to the nth context
  • virtual context::ContextBase const *context( uint n ) const;
    access to the nth context
  • uint find();
  • void enable_draw( bool state );
    set enable_draw to 'state' for all contexts in list
  • void refresh_all();
    refresh all contexts in list
  • void insert_geomobject0( geom::SurfaceGL *g );
    insert a surface into all contexts in list
  • void _delete_geomobject( uint n );
    remove the n'th surface from all contexts
  • void new_context0();
    create a new context and put it in the list
  • void select_context0( uint id );
    select the id'th context
  • void delete_context0( uint id );
    delete the id'th context
  • virtual ::isightui::ViewerUi *viewer_ui() = 0;
    connection functions -- collect virtuals with same name from ViewerBase and ContextSetBase
  • virtual ::isightui::ViewerUi const *viewer_ui() const = 0;
  • virtual void message( base::String const &text ) const = 0;
  • void new_context0( context::ContextBase * );
  • virtual char const *viewer_name() const = 0;
  • virtual uint context_count() const;
  • virtual context::ContextBase *context_construct( ContextSetBase *x ) = 0;
    return a new context
  • uint find( context::ContextBase const *w );
    find w in the context list; return the index
  • virtual void focus_in_event( uint n );
  • virtual int focus_in_event( context::ContextBase const *w );
  • context::ContextBase *_context;
    the current context
  • base::vector< context::ContextBase *> _;
    List of viewer contexts.
  • uint _context_id;
    running id number for new contexts
  • base::String _window_title;
    window title of last created context
  • ContextSet( ContextSet const & );
    disabled copy constructor
  • ContextSet &operator=( ContextSet const & );
    disabled assignment operator

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