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Derived from: isight::kernel::ViewerBase

Children: isight::kernel::ContextSet

File: VIEWER/isight/kernel/GeomListSet.H

  • GeomListSet();
  • virtual ~GeomListSet();
  • virtual geom::SurfaceGL *geomlist();
    current geomlist
  • virtual geom::SurfaceGL const *geomlist() const;
  • virtual geom::SurfaceGL *geomlist( uint n );
    nth geomlist
  • virtual geom::SurfaceGL const *geomlist( uint n ) const;
  • bool empty() const;
  • uint find();
  • uint find( geom::SurfaceGL const *g );
  • uint geomlist_count() const;
  • geom::SurfaceGL const *reference_geomobject() const;
  • geom::SurfaceGL const * const &previous_geomobject() const;
  • geom::SurfaceGL const *&previous_geomobject();
  • void insert_geomobject0( geom::SurfaceGL *g );
    takes responsibilty for deallocating g
  • void select_geomobject0( uint id );
    make the id'th geomobject the current one
  • void delete_geomobject0( uint id );
    delete a geomobject
  • void write_geomobject( uint id, io::Ostream &stream, uint normals, uint colors, milieu::kernel::MilieuBase const &milieu, geom::FileMode filemode ) const throw(::io::WriteException);
  • virtual geom::Transform const &geomobject_position( uint i ) const = 0;
    get the position of the i'th geomobject
  • void enable_bounding_box( bool state );
    enable the bounding box for all surfaces in list
  • void changed() const;
    set the changed flag on all surfaces in list
  • base::vector<geom::SurfaceGL * > _;
    List of geometry objects.
  • geom::SurfaceGL *_geomobject;
    The current surface
  • geom::SurfaceGL *_reference_geomobject;
    A reference surface with no polygons. This surface gets modified when the user changes the material widgets, when no real surfaces are loaded into the viewer.
  • geom::SurfaceGL const *_previous_geomobject;
    latest geomobject inserted (to be replaced if replace button is on)
  • GeomListSet( GeomListSet const & );
    disabled copy constructor
  • GeomListSet &operator=( GeomListSet const & );
    disabled assignment operator

isight::kernel::GeomListSet GANG