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CMCLab Guide


To open a CMCLab surface specification file, choose "File | Open CMCLab File" from the CMCLab menu.
Open CMCLab File Panel
The Open CMCLab File panel (File | Open CMCLab File)


The CMCLab notebook (Controls | CMCLab) is where you specify the input for the minimal surface you want to compute. It has four pages:
  • The Potential panel is where the CMC potential is set. (Controls | CMCLab | Potential)
  • The Initial condition panel is where the basepoint and dressing matrix is set. (Controls | CMCLab | Initial)
  • The Parameters panel is for specifying the associate family and other parameters. (Controls | CMCLab | Param)
  • The Settings panel is for specifying internal settings controlling speed and stability. (Controls | CMCLab | Settings)

Potential Panel

CMCLab Potential Panel
The CMCLab Potential panel (Controls | CMCLab | Potential
The potential typically uses "z" for the surface parameter and "t" for the loop parameter. The syntax expressing the potential is Mathematica-like; see parser syntax for details.

Initial Condition Panel

CMCLab Initial Panel
The CMCLab Initial Conditions panel (Controls | CMCLab | Initial

Use this window to modify the initial value for the system defining the surface. Integration starts at the point "zstart" in the domain (defined in the Domain panel) and takes as initial value the contents of this window. A blank value is taken to be the identity matrix. This window uses the same input format as the Potential panel above.

Setting an initial condition is essentially the same as "dressing" the surface.

Parameters Panel

CMCLab Param Panel
The CMCLab Parameters panel (Controls | CMCLab | Param

These parameters control the speed/stability of the internal CMCLab algorithm. Changing these can cause CMCLab to malfunction.

Polynomial precision sets the internal cut-off in computations involving lambda. A higher value means a more stable calculation, at the cost of speed. Values less than 30 can be unacceptably unstable. Values greater than 120 can be unacceptably slow.

Basis length should be twice polynomial precision.

Integration count sets how many integrations steps are performed for each step in the grid set in the domain.

Settings Panel

CMCLab Settings Panel
The CMCLab Settings panel (Controls | CMCLab | Settings)

Set the associate family parameter to a complex number with modulus 1.

The normal shift parameter is by default 0. A setting of 1 draws the parallel CMC surfaces, and a setting of 0.5 draws the intermediate constant-Gaussian-curvature K-surface.

The mean curvature parameter effectively scales the surface.