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KLab Guide

The graph of the real part of 1/(z2-1)


To open a KLab surface specification file, choose "File | Open KLab File" from the KLab menu.
Open KLab File Panel
The Open KLab File panel (File | Open KLab File)

KLab Controls

Choosing "Controls | KLab" on the KLab menu box brings up the KLab controls panel, where you specify the parametrization of the surface you want to see. The parametrization is a map into one of R2, R3 or R4:

KLab Controls
The KLab Controls panel (Controls | KLab)
The entries in the KLab controls panel are:
  • var1, var2 -- the names of the parametrization variables. By default these are u and v.
  • dimension -- the dimension of the target ambient space, 2, 3 or 4.
  • x1, x2, x3, x4 -- the functions parametrizing the surface. Use as many of these as the dimension.

The syntax expressing the parametrizing functions x1. . .x4 is Mathematica-like; see parser syntax for details.

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