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GANG Geometry Viewer

iSight is an interactive viewer for visualizing and exploring geometric objects.

iSight Features:

Ambient Spaces
  • Visualization in 2, 3 and 4 dimensional ambient spaces
  • Euclidean, elliptic and hyperbolic geometries
  • Möbius geometry

Visualizing Surfaces
  • Transparency, blend, fog, antialiasing and depth buffer
  • Two-way mirror effect making facing polygon invisible or semi-transparent
  • Inside and outside polygon gaps
  • Clipping planes
  • Mesh domain clipping
  • Build surfaces by reflection

File formats
  • Geometry file formats: ISX (iSight), JVX (JavaView), Geomview, VRML, Mathematica, PovRay
  • Image file formats: PNG, TIFF, JPEG, SGI, PostScript, EPS
Surface Appearance
  • Individually configurable elements: faces, edges, vertices, boundaries, silhouette, bounding box, and front- and back-facing polygons
  • Color by normal direction, discrete Gaussian and mean curvatures, polygonal area, distance or direction in space, randomly or checked
  • Ambient, diffuse, specular, emissive and shininess material properties
  • Eight directional, positional or spot lights, plus ambient light; adjustable hue, saturation, value, and position of ambient, diffuse and specular lights

Window, Camera and Mouse
  • Perspective and orthographic cameras with adjustable field of view/zoom, aspect ratio and
  • Configurable mouse inertia, inertia decay rate, speed, accelerations and bindings
  • Adjustable background color

iSight Guide
    Online iSight user's guide and documentation

iSight Download
Linux RedHat 7.1/7.2 i686
Source Code

C++ Class Documentation
    Programmer's online iSight source code object summaries

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