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GANG MrBubble Lab

MrBubbleLab is an interactive software package for visualizing constant mean curvature Smyth surfaces, dubbed "Mr Bubble."

MrBubbleLab Features:

  • Computes surfaces in three spaceforms, R3, H3 and S3.
  • Implements the Dorfmeister-Pedit-Wu construction of CMC surfaces.
  • Uses an r-Iwasawa loop group factorization algorithm developed by Ian McIntosh and Nick Schmitt.
  • Dressing matrix for add adding bubbletons, closing ends.

Interactive Features:
  • Complete interactive environment for constructing, viewing and exploring constant mean curvature Symth surfaces.
  • Integrated with iSight, the GANG interactive geometry viewer.
  • Interactively move through the associate family of surfaces in all three spaceforms.
  • Interactively move through the family of parallel surfaces to the K-surface and parallel CMC surface.
  • Built in triangulator triangulates the domain. Or use an underlying grid.
  • Built in sequencer for making video clips.

MrBubbleLab Guide
    Online MrBubbleLab user's guide and documentation

MrBubbleLab Download
Linux RedHat 7.1/7.2 i686
Source Code

C++ Class Documentation
    Programmer's online MrBubbleLab source code object summaries

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