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GANG Pseudospherical Surface Lab

KLab is an interactive laboratory for creating, viewing and investigating pseudospherical surfaces int R3. Pseudospherical surfaces are surfaces with constant negative Gaussian curvature.

KLab Features:

  • Implements the loop group construction of K-surfaces surfaces.
  • Uses an r-Iwasawa loop group factorization algorithm developed by Ian McIntosh and Nick Schmitt.
  • Implements Dressing matrices.

Interactive Features:
  • Complete interactive environment for constructing, viewing and exploring pseudospherical surfaces.
  • Integrated with iSight, the GANG interactive geometry viewer.
  • Interactively move through the associate family of surfaces in all three spaceforms.
  • Built in triangulator triangulates the domain. Or use an underlying grid.
  • Built in sequencer for making video clips.

GANG Gallery of Pseudospherical Surfaces
    Gallery of surfaces created with KLab

KLab Guide
    Online KLab user's guide and documentation

KLab Download
Linux RedHat 7.1/7.2 i686
Source Code

C++ Class Documentation
    Programmer's online KLab source code object summaries

KLab Nick Schmitt