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Burstall, F. E., Hertrich-Jeromin, U., Pedit, F. & Pinkall, U.
Curved flats and isothermic surfaces
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[4.16] Hertrich-Jeromin, U. & Pedit, F.
Remarks on the darboux transform of isothermic surfaces
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[4.32] Hertrich-Jeromin, U.
The surfaces capable of division into infinitesimal squares by their curves of curvature

[4.33] Hertrich-Jeromin, U.
Supplement on curved flats in the space of point pairs and isothermic surfaces: a quaternionic calculus

[5.2] Hertrich-Jeromin, U., McIntosh, I., Norman, P. & Pedit, F.
Periodic discrete conformal maps
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