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Week 4

Main Results

Significant computation is involved in obtaining the flux matrices, eigensystems, lie brackets and interaction coefficients of hyperbolic systems of PDEs. By hand even a 3x3 system can take large amounts of time. For larger systems, the task is very daunting. In what follows we present code written in Mathematica that takes flux functions and calculates the flux matrices, lie brackets and interaction coefficients. The last two computations arrive at the same result by different methods.

The Unified Analyzer as a Webpage

Templates have already been entered for the following systems:

Ahat system 3x3
P System 2x2
Elastic Strring 6x6
Euler Gas 3x3
Maxwell’s Equations 6x6

Further systems can easily be entered as long as one knows the state variables and the flux functions. Click below to enter your own systems;

The Unified Analyzer as a Notebook

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