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Week 4

8/16 Week 10 Wrap Up

Throughout the Summer we have been meeting with Professor Young twice a week and holding weekly meetings with the other REU teams. As we have been working steadily since the beginning of the Summer and Professor Young is preparing for the upcoming semester, we decide to take a break from formal meetings until the Fall.

Over the summer we have,

-learned vocabulary and can read relevant texts in the field of NLHPDEs 
-learned how to compute the;

flux matrices of systems of PDEs

the lie brackets of a system

the interaction coefficients of a system.

-developed programs to ease these computations.
-developed programs that graphically illustrate the evolution of decoupled scalar equations.
-explicitly calculated the relevant information for half a dozen systems.

In the fall we might resume work on Nonlinear Hyperbolic Systems of PDEs examining the Glimm Scheme, bounded variation, Entropies of a system and Riemann invariants.

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