Document Library: Series 3

[3.1] Hsu, L., Kusner, R. & Sullivan, J.
Minimizing the squared mean curvature integral for surfaces in space forms

[3.2] Hoffman, D., Wei, F. & Karcher, H.
Adding handles to the helicoid
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[3.3] Korevaar, N. & Kusner, R.
The global structure of constant mean curvature surfaces

[3.4] Rossman, W.
Constant mean curvature surfaces in Euclidean and hyperbolic 3-space

[3.5] Guan, B.
Boundary value problems for surfaces of prescribed gauss curvature and Monge-Ampere equations

[3.6] Hoffman, D. & Karcher, H.
Complete embedded minimal surfaces of finite total curvature
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[3.7] Oliver, D. M.
Description of the computation and visual analysis facility at the Center for Geometry, Analysis, Numerics and Graphics

[3.8] Gido, S. P., Gunther, J., Thomas, E. L. & Hoffman, D.
Lamellar diblock copolymer grain boundary morphology I: twist boundary characterization

[3.9] Romon, P.
Quelques aspects de la thèes surfaces minimales dans R3

[3.10] Meeks III, W. H. & Rosenberg, H.
The geometry of periodic minimal surfaces
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[3.11] Romon, P.
A VPS guide for non-gurus

[3.12] Kim, D. & Kusner, R.
Torus knots extremizing the conformal energy
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[3.13] Hoffman, D. & Rossman, W.
Limit surfaces of Riemann examples
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[3.14] Bolton, J., Pedit, F. & Woodward, L.
Minimal surfaces and the affine Toda field model
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[3.15] Burstall, F. E. & Pedit, F.
Harmonic maps via Adler-Kostant-Symes theory
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[3.16] Hoffman, D., Karcher, H. & Wei, F.
The genus-one helicoid and the minimal surfaces that led to its discovery
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[3.17] Baginski, F. E. & Whitaker, N.
Numerical Solutions of Boundary Value Problems for k-Surfaces in R3
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[3.18] Kusner, R., Norman, P. & Sullivan, J.
Möbius energy minimizing knot and link catalogue

[3.19] Thayer, E. C.
Periodic surfaces and infinite genus Riemann surfaces

[3.20] Callahan, M., Hoffman, D. & Karcher, H.
A family of singly-periodic minimal surfaces invariant under a screw motion
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[3.21] Thayer, E. C. & Wohlgemuth, M.
New doubly-periodic minimal surfaces

[3.22] Traizet, M.
New triply-periodic minimal surfaces

[3.23] Kusner, R. & Sullivan, J.
Möbius energies for knots and links, surfaces and submanifolds
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[3.24] Pedit, F. & Wu, H.
Discretizing constant curvature surfaces via loop group factorizations: the discrete sine- and sine-Gordon equations
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[3.25] Dorfmeister, J., Pedit, F. & Wu, H.
Weierstrass type representation of harmonic maps into symmetric spaces
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[3.27] Kusner, R. & Schmitt, N.
The spinor representation of minimal surfaces (superseded)
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